Thursday, November 16, 2006

Collaborative AWE

Yesterday I was working with my good friend Marcel on our massive multi player mobile internet strategy game (mmpmis?). He had written an API that I recently incorporated in the game and he'd changed it on a conceptual level, so I had to redo a lot of work... not funny. But due to the collaboration support NB provides we could share the various sources and show in the actual code what we thought the other understood, how we wanted it all to work and after about 5 minutes we knew exactly what had to be done.
The chatting feature in NB was replaced by Skype, talking is soooo much faster than typing. The only thing we were missing was some 'free drawing' feature in the collaboration features, where you could circle something you want to focus on, draw lines and arrows to show where you want stuff to go etc. We needed a whiteboard in NB.

Marcel used to be an Eclipse guy, but more and more often he tells me "NB is really cool" or "This feature in NB is really cool". Collaboration in one of those features.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC final?

I've played with the final release of NB55 and it really is great. I have some gripes still (Can't get the UML projects into SVN, this just doesn't seem possible). I'll file an issue sometime soon.
The UML projects are great though. Especially for Java ME stuff, a good design is really important when you have to put good programming practices aside because that just isn't efficient enough. Sofar I've used the State Diagram and some Class diagramming. But it really is great. Works pretty much like a charm, although there are some little nuisances. All will be files as an issue once I know it's not me.

Another little issue is the fact that the CDC version of MobPack isn't available for the final release. Integration of emulators from Sony Ericsson and Nokia still seems less than excellent. But the lack of a final version is a shame.

Any ideas on its release NB MobPack guys?