Thursday, February 08, 2007

Developing the JEE application, how tears disappeared from my eyes...


As promised I was going to update this blog with my proceedings in debugging my JEE application. In my previous posts you could read what was going on with persistency and debugging my JEE application.
From the NB developers I got the hint to start the Sun AS 9 server in debug mode and attach my application to that instance instead of doing a standard debug session, and this works. It works great and I can debug my application just the way I like it. Huray.

There is now only the problem with the re-deployment I'm facing which seems to be known Glassfish issue and is solved in Glassfish 9.1 which I downloaded but probably won't be installing for a while because last night our son Ray was born and he and his brother are getting some more timeslices.