Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NetBeans 5.5 RC2 is out... just a few more nights.

It's been blogged about before, but they've released the second release candidate of NetBeans 5.5. For me it means that I can work with an even more stable version of NB55. I've got to say that it is very stable since a very long time. The only problems I now and then have is regarding SubVersion, but I'm not sure whether that is because of NetBeans, SubVersion or me. I can't reproduce the problems, and don't get a stacktrace. It's just that sometimes I have to move back to TortoiseSVN and fix things. Don't get me wrong, there is no harm done, I just have to leave my beloved IDE sometimes.

As you might know, I'm currenly working on J2ME stuff, and NetBeans is just the best in that area. NetBeans 5.5 has some major improvements in this area, most notably SVG support. The game we're currently working on uses TinySVG for our menu handling. Doing all the work ourselves using TinySVG and that looks great. But what I've seen sofar of the SVG support in NetBeans is excellent and promising. Now 55 just has be released and my fellow developers will switch as well. I'll keep you posted on how things progress.



Frank Beullens said...


regarding your problems with svn...
it's TotoiseSVN that causing them!
(It doesn't use the official svn client and has some own tags!)

I've thrown it of my pc and now use

best regards


gersh said...

what the point of update center, since i cannot update from RC1 to RC2?

E-One said...

Gersh, that is something I've asked a couple of years ago with NetBeans 3.5 to 3.6, still this is something that requires attention.