Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Developing the JEE application, how tears disappeared from my eyes...


It has been a while since I blogged, and that is mainly due to the fact that I didn't work on my project for quite a while. Why? Because I was too busy with all kinds of other stuff, like auditing an architecture for a start-up here in the Netherlands, setting up and implementing a QA process for a customer of mine and spending time in the UK on a JCAPS training and visiting JavaOne 07.

Between my last blog and now, I discovered some interesting things about NetBeans. I was using NB5 for my development until I installed NB6 M9 (got it on NetBeans Day 07 on a memory stick) and since the editor in NB6 is soooo much better than in NB5 that became my preferred IDE. Note that before I used M8 which was fairly stable, but the Java EE 5 support in M8 was not that good. So I used NB5 for JavaEE 5 code generation etc and NB6 for editing.
What was interesting was that my projects would only build in the IDE I started last. NB ammends the build files as it seems to reflect the changes of the new release. This took about an hour to register.

Last week I downloaded Glassfish v2b51 and configured NetBeans to use it. And all issues I had with Sun AS and Glassfish that I blogged about previously about not being able to debug my enterprise app disappeared. I can now succesfully start and restart my app in debug mode. Not that I am able to debug my application, since for some reason the datasources I need to connect to are not defined in Glassfish. But that's probably a problem in the build files or something. I noticed after a file-compare that my build files originating from NB5 are fairly different from the files that NB6 would generate. So I think I'll just create a new project and put my sources there. I'll keep you posted.

So for now: Use the latest version of Glassfish, I'm using v2b51. That should help.



jtp51 said...

Have you found the issue with using Generics in an Stateless Session bean? It red-lines any Generic statement, wanting the full classpath in the generic type definition. So instead of just List<Element>, it want's List<com.company.project.Element<. But it still red-lines it anyways.

Iwan said...

I never came across this problem. I'm using generics quite frequently and never had to provide the full path, but that was prior to M10.
My problem is that I can't use generics in my JavaME application so at this moment I can't use the same class tree in both projects, although they form a C/S pair.