Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review of "LWUIT 1.1 for Java ME Developers" by Packt Publishing [part 05 - finished]


Yesterday I finished my 'assignment' on the UI of our game IFF. I completed the the registration form and added a form including tabs for maintaining other relevant user data. I then incorporated it all in the game itself. Unfortunately, the book ("LWUIT 1.1 for Java ME Developers") doesn't really elaborate on this topic. It doesn't tell you in so many words how to combine your LWUIT based parts and your old fashioned LCDUI based parts into one MIDlet.
Since we're working with SVG in the actual game and we use LWUIT for the various forms this is relevant. But it all worked out nicely. Replacing our SVG based forms with the LWUIT version was almost without problems. We had an issue with the Display class, but the info in the book was sufficient to fix it. As it turned out, initializing LWUIT's Display in the startApp of the MIDlet was sufficient to get it all working. Probably more so because I created a separate source file containing all code for the LWUIT Form. Hence LWUIT didn't interfere with the rest of the code.

There's a lot more on LWUIT than meets the eye, but I'm actually quite confident that the book can and will help out. But that sounds like an overall summery, something I was planning to write up in a week or two, after I get back from a weeks vacation at the Red Sea, Egypt.

As we will be leaving on Thursday, I've got a few days left to get it all together and have the game available on the website. Which is currently optimized for a 240x320 screen.


PS: IFF is tested on a Nokia N85 and an N95. I'm going to test it on a SE W595 as well and a Nokia 6300 is in the pipeline as well. If you have a recent model phone, mid or high-end, you're invited to join our beta test.

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