Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JavaME in NB 6.7

NetBeans 6.7 has been out in the wild for a while now and... well and then there's the JavaME stuff, which is kinda important to me since we're developing mobile games (we = Sticktail Games). JavaME SDK 3.0 is finally out the door and pre-packaged with NB 6.7, but still no support on other platforms than Windows. Which until last Christmas wasn't a big deal, but I got a MacBook 13" from misses Santa and would've liked native support for all my tooling... bummer. I'll have to invest in some VirtualBox stuff to get the ME parts running. Any tutorial to get this going is appreciated, but please JavaME SDK 3.0 Team: Get the other platforms done as well. PLEASE.

There's another gripe with the new tooling: I can't open my NB mobility projects in the SDK tooling, since the NB libraries for SVG and others aren't included in it. And there's no easy way to get those libraries in. Major bummer in my opinion, especially since the SDK 3.0 tooling supports for example the WURFL database. Which is nowhere to be found in NB 6.7 although the SDK 3.0 is included and supported as the default emulator, replacing the WTK.

While using the SDK I ran a couple of times in the issue that there wasn't enough memory for my MIDlet suite to be installed, although it installed nicely in the WTK 2.5.2 emulator. And there's no option to increase the size of the emulators heap.

But all in all, the new tooling is superb. Debugging is going a lot smoother now and especially the hot-deploy support is excellent. A real time saver. But ultimately nothing beats testing on an actual device, and the promise of better on-device-debugging support is great. Now we just need to get it working. In a usable fashion. So:

Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC and all of you other vendors, please work on this. As long as you're putting in those nasty bugs in your JavaME implementation, we need to test on your devices. I'm okay in getting some different phones to test on, but help me out here as well.



Anonymous said...

See http://blogs.sun.com/javamesdk/entry/prototype_of_java_me_sdk

Iwan said...

I know, I follow their blog closely but although they mention that a Mac and a Linux version are on the way, and they did show it on JavaOne, we still can't download it.



Kevin said...

If you haven't found this already, the installation memory problem can be fixed by increasing the value of system.jam_space in jwc_properties.ini. This used to be located in [SDK_DIR]/runtimes/cldc-hi/bin but now it appears to only exist in the cldc-hi-javafx/bin folder on my machine :-/

Ove Nordström said...

I think dual boot MacOS X and Windows 7RC1 works great: http://ovenordstrom.blogspot.com/2009/05/dual-boot-macos-x-and-windows-7rc1-on.html

Iwan said...

@Ove: Thanks for the input, I'll give it a try. I take it the N97 emulator works ok on Windows 7. I can't get the S60 3rd FP 2 SDK 1.1 to work on my Vista box. A known problem at Nokia.


Iwan said...

@Kevin: Thanks for the info. It works just nice with that setting.