Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been a while, we're now at 6.7


It's been a while since I've been posting about NetBeans, all kinds of reasons, but mainly because I just couldn't give blogging enough priority. But today I've got some spare minutes.

NetBeans has been growing tremendously since the last time I blogged about it, we're now at 6.7.

I think last time I was blogging about NetBeans I was working on a game, for mobiles. I should check my posts... anyway, what I can tell you is that other than previous experiences with new versions of NB, I've been able to open the project in new versions, even daily builds without experiencing major incompatibilities. Once or twice I wasn't able to also open the project in the old version again. This is of course a major achievement but more over, it makes testing NetBeans a better experience.

So what else are some highlights:
- When uninstalling, there now is an option to also uninstall the userdir. Excellent.
- UML support is about to be dropped, at least it's no longer maintained according the WIKI. Boooh
-The GF2.1 installation from previous versions of NB is no longer recognized and you'll be asked to install a new version. When not selecting to do so, NB does see your old installation and it all works. Confusing
- Woodstock is dropped (JSF components that at least look decent) and is (going to be) replaced by IceFaces. Mildly boooh.


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Jake said...

the woodstock developments portend the death of JSF and Visual Web Pack, low impact to me personally, but big booh overall as I was hoping this technology would have continued to develop and mature