Monday, August 31, 2009

A little annoyance that's groing bigger by the day


Promise: Right after publishing this post, I'll file an issue!

So I have setup NB such that the import section and all JavaDoc is collapsed by default when opening a file. Why? Because it clutters my screen and I don't find it helpful to see all that code and documentation.
Since the IDE is doing such a great job in managing my imports and the code-completion shows all JavaDoc when I need it, I don't find it beneficiary to have it in plain sight when I don't need it.

But here's the catch. NB doesn't update the 'focus' of a file when I open it. What I mean is that when I CTRL-Click something in an editor and the source file is not yet opened, NB will open the file, jump to the correct location, make sure that the location is in the visible area on screen and then collapse all editor folds... moving the location of screen. And I need to scroll window to show what I want to see.

This is on NB 6.7.x on Vista at least. Latest updates of the JDK installed of course.

Update: It is filed as issue 171149.


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