Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 M1... first issue right after starting up


Thrilled after installing M1 of NB68 I fired it up and the first dialog was a disappointment. It didn't see that I have a NB67 installation, instead it asked if it was okay to import the settings of my NB65 installation. Bummer.

I reverted back to NB671 and will give NB68M1 a second try later today. Recreating all settings myself and will file a bug on it.



Tomas Mysik said...

Import of user settings is supported only for FCS versions. Export & import your settings instead (Tools > Options > Export & Import).

Iwan said...

Exactly and NB 6.7 as well as NB 6.7.1 are as far as I know FCS.

I've done the import through the settings, it just struck me as odd and confusing.


Anonymous said...

well, it's nice, but it has problems. eg: the version of glassfish v3 that's bundled is unable to create a jdbc connection to my db of choice.

I had to grab the latest daily of glassfish v3 instead.