Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NB 6.0 RC1, more thoughts... some bad ones

... well, for starters I want to just say that the latest bug I found in the code generation of WS support in JavaME projects was fixed, almost immediately after filing it. Let me put it this way, if NB would be in constant beta, in constant NetCAT, I would download the latest dev build every day, use it, report the bugs and continue working with fixes the next day... but that would prevent the team from adding big new awesome features. So I am glad the NetCAT is only at the end of each release cycle and it is to improve the final version's quality.

So what have I been doing lately, to be honest not much. Why? Because the latest dev build of NB screwed up my build files, the build-impl.xml files to be accurate. After installing the build fixing my WS issues, I got build issues in the 'jax-ws.xml' file and the build-impl.xml file.
I think I will file a P1 bug on this, since I don't like tools to just go and 'fix' my files and render them useless without a backup anywhere. In fact the much lauded 'local history' feature is not helping here either, since probably it will only keep track of local history of those files I am editing myself.

Going back to RC1 didn't fix the problem... not immediately. I had to throw away my build-impl.xml and my jax-ws.xml files and have NB regenerate them, after that it all worked again.
B.t.w., I tested the fix by running my JavaEE project in RC1 and generate the WS code in the fixed build referring to the WSDL in the application started in the RC1 started instance of Glassfish.

I found another bug there though, some of the code that was to be generated, didn't generate at all. Weird considering the code, but still not good. So I need to check whether it is my code and otherwise report a bug, once again. With full faith in the NB development team. Sofar, they haven't let me down one bit.




Roderico said...

Hi Iwan,
What changes to the build-impl.xml happened when you applied the bug fixes? The build script is suppose to be changed only if the user performs an action that changes the jax-ws.xml file, like adding or removing a web service or client. Would appreciate if you can elaborate on the nature of this problem.

Rico Cruz
Netbeans team
Sun Microsystems

Iwan said...

Hi Roderico,

To be honest, I didn't really bother to check the changes in the build-impl.xml files. I noticed that they were changed, because they were different from what is in SVN, according to NB.

I'm sorry, I should've checked this and report it, but after deleting the jax-ws.xml file and have it regenerated all worked fine again.