Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My NetBeans, has changed its appearance...

... and it has the same bright look and feel as the new NetBeans website. Which is fresh, but to be honest, I liked the other more darker look and feel with all its transitions better.
The home page title is set to HP, why? Probably it's short for 'Home Page'?

It all works better now and I was able to add a picture to my profile, which wasn't possible in the previous version, at least I got an error all the time I tried it.
There are some minor issues that need ironing out and some bigger issues that need to be fixed, but all in all it is a great website.
Still, seeing that my NetBeans Collaboration buddies are online (in NetBeans Collaboration) might be a great addition. Have them added as friends automatically would be fun. Something like Xbox Live.

I noticed that you can't remove friends anymore, or at least it is not very obvious how to do so. I have Lukas added twice as a friend, and I think once is sufficient. Free up some screen real-estate for other friends.

I guess I start filing some issues on the site and see it improve quickly to a really nice community website. Social NetBeaning.


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Lukas said...

Yes, I was surprised that I have you twice as well. I forwarded your blog post to people responsible for the