Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NB 6 was released, I almost went back to RC2... really.


As you know, NetBeans 6 has been officially released yesterday, and as a true NetCAT member I was feeling rather proud because I was an active member of the team that used NB6 in it's final stages before going gold.
So I downloaded it and installed the real deal, and fired it up and rediscovered my JavaME emulators and opened my projects. And than it struck me, it was really the same thing. Not noticeably faster than RC2, not slower. Same colors everywhere. Just the same.
So I started up my project, deployment to Glassfish, the same instance I had used throughout the NetCAT period and guess what. Nothing happened but a big fat stacktrace in my OUTPUT window, in NetBeans. Referring me to the server logs, which didn't say anything more than that the app server was running fine. Yipes! That's not good.
Quickly firing up RC2 and trying the same thing, and it all ran fine. Double Yipes! That's really not good at all.

So I was thinking: Do I go back to Rc2 and work with that version, waiting for the first service pack, or uninstall everything, including Glassfish and Tomcat and reinstall NB6 and try it all again. I opted for the latter and fortunately, all is working fine now.

And guess what; it is really as good if not better than Rc2.


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